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Thank you for visiting so business for your event for your fundraiser so let’s Jump Right In and show you how we can save you time money and get you some amazing shirts so you’ll see there’s a couple ways to get to our online shirt designer the cool thing about this is if you were looking for sure which I think you are you realize it calling screen printers it’s hard to get a real-time quote on screen printing screen printing as a complicated process so I have a separate video if you’re interested in learning all the steps that goes into screen printing but there’s a couple of fact that you’re going to be before we can give you a price and so this helps design to us and explain the process number one is the product which is going to be out there normal screen printers use or you’ll find out some of the cheap retailers are called to shirts and they don’t have seen their very cheap to a lot of people don’t know any better I didn’t know any better and then I realized when I would wear shirts you know I have that favorite shirt or if it’s because and it doesn’t fit right so obviously you’re here to buy shirts to show appreciation for your employees or to promote your brand so I tell my customers if you want people to wear your shirts buy a nicer shirt that way the more than where it the more exposure you get so right now or standard shirt is a Next Level 3600 that’s one of the most popular shirts we have right now and so I can change the color so let’s go with the black shirt seems to be real popular right now and then you got a couple of options we called decorating you can either add some text rights and you can put it wherever you can change the color of the ink and you can just start typing you can change the font here and you can change the shape library of artwork so if you add if you add artwork design ideas you can just typing some ideas so if you don’t know Bruno is our English Bulldog and so Bruno likes a lot of things so you can type in just to give to you so here’s a bulldog right here and it loads it and then you can just grab one of the corners make a little smaller now you’re going to see that each part of that design as loaded here you can just change it so 2017 awesome then everyone makes mistakes.

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